She was a bit like Spring; wild as the wind and fickle as the weather, but her love ran deep as tree roots.

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Am purtat:

* Jacheta denim – Pink Basis

* T-shirt – Next

* Pantaloni – thrift shop

* Geanta – Tiara Concept Store

* Tenesi – Converse

* Ochelari – local shop in Milano


Who am I? Well, you see, I’m just this girl that’s overly attached by her clothes and her necklaces, and likes to ‘work’ daily on how to style them up; I’m that girl that likes reading and actually complete ‘do it yourself’ projects; I’m that girl that wants to travel the whole world; I’m that girl that loves good food; and on top of that, I’m that girl that works in a belgium chocolate shop. And I just want to share this with all of you, guys. So welcome in my life, pretty readers. Lots of hugs, Ale

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