The coming August 8th is a big day! Why? It is the birthday of Newchic! Well, 3rd anniversary is a special time for them  to give away all kinds of benefits to their customers! So NC fans, pay close attention, this article is a timeline of surprises you can get from Newchic 3rd anniversary promotion!

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Holla chicas,

There you have. A whole list of great deals and promotions that you can find on Newchic.

  1. July 3rd -July 31st: PK game. Vote to get a 15% coupon. Winner products will be snap up at $8.8 on August 8th.
  1. DM coupons($20) giving away starts on July 4th.
  1. Women’s accessories special offers start on July 4th
  1. Household gear special offers start on July 11th.
  1. Men’s trends special offers start on July 18th.
  1. VIP exclusive special offers start on July 20th.
  1. Women clothing special offers start on July 25th.
  1. August 1st~7th : discount preview and $10, $20, $50 coupons give away.
  1. August 8th~10th: party on! $8.8 seckill, $3.3 seckill, $0.1 snap up, half price snap up.
  1. Free order opportunities. At the last hour of August 11 (UTC).

All details of above promotion in:


Who am I? Well, you see, I’m just this girl that’s overly attached by her clothes and her necklaces, and likes to ‘work’ daily on how to style them up; I’m that girl that likes reading and actually complete ‘do it yourself’ projects; I’m that girl that wants to travel the whole world; I’m that girl that loves good food; and on top of that, I’m that girl that works in a belgium chocolate shop. And I just want to share this with all of you, guys. So welcome in my life, pretty readers. Lots of hugs, Ale

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